Commission your painting

Starting from $150

Discuss with me to create something together! Or, of course, you can Just give me your references and leave all the creative process to me. I will give you sketch ideas before the final painting.

Whether it's an oil painting for yourself, for your home, for a gift to your loved ones, or for a commercial project... whatever you have in mind, talk to me.











The process for your personalized painting can be expected as follows:

Step 1: Tell me your idea, or just come chat with me and develop an idea with me from scratch (for free), to make a portrait beyond just a photo, by adding different motifs and symbols, manipulate realities, different art styles... etc.

Step 2: I present some sketches and we finalize on one sketch for our final painting.

Step 3: I start working on the painting with traditional old master techniques that required years of studies.

Step 4: Present you the final painting (with high quality photo) and make revisions if needed. 

Step 5: Work out the shipping method and the original will be sent on your way.

The time and price all mainly depends on the size, and a little bit on the subject matter (eg. how many figures are there).


Email me at 

or message me on Instagram @gnaboaix

If you have any questions don't hesitate, just send me an email!

Look forward to see what kind fine art we can create together!

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